Have a question? Need some help deciding between TPLO or traditional repair? Don't ask me -- ask the HUNDREDS of dog owners on the orthodogs list who have ALREADY been through it!

This incredible free mailing list has more than 1,200 members, including hundreds of people whose dogs have undergone TPLO or traditional cruciate repair (sometimes both!). As you browse past messages you'll find all sorts of information about different complications people have had, what the recoveries have been like, how the dogs are doing longer-term, etc. It's also a fantastic place to ask questions and feel supported. These people really know what you're going through, and together they form a community of experts on joint issues in dogs.

There's a great search feature that will let you look for posts on specific words and phrases.

There's also an entire folder of information on Orthodogs called "Great Posts for New Members to Read" and it includes tons of information on TPLO and traditional repair. If you're trying to make that difficult decision, that should be your next stop.

To read that information or to send a post to Orthodogs, first sign up using the link below. It's easy, fast and free! You then "post" by sending a message to orthodogs@yahoogroups.com, and you can find the folder of great information by going here.

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If you prefer to send a comment or question to me ONLY, you may, but please note:

  1. I'm not a vet
  2. My last personal experience with TPLO was quite a few years ago
  3. Everything I know is already on this site
  4. My best advice is always going to be to join Orthodogs. It's free and easy to join, and plenty of people there will answer your questions in detail -- that's what the list is for!
Still want to contact me? OK. Be certain to put "TPLO" in the subject line, and remember that you may not receive a response for a while. If you don't need a response, please say so! I like to hear that this site was useful for folks, and to hear how dogs are doing post-surgery, but with the volume of mail there's no way to respond to everyone. Click here to get my e-mail address.

Thank you, and here's wishing health and happiness to you and your dog.