When we were researching cruciate repair options for our dog, the stories of those who had "been there" were of great value to us. Hearing about dogs who had surgery, made it through the long recovery and came out on the other side "running like puppies" gave us the encouragement to go forward. The purpose of this site is not just to encourage and inform others with Kodi's personal story but more importantly, to provide a forum for sharing the collective knowledge of those who have "been there."

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NOTE: Because the existing group of stories provides a broad range of experiences, and because the workload involved in adding and maintaining these stories is signficant, I have not added new stories to the site in some time. If you have an unusual cruciate repair experience to share, especially if it differs from the other stories here and you believe it is of value to readers, by all means send it along via the contact page. If you are the owner of a dog whose story is profiled here, be assured that pictures and updates are always welcome.

Thank you. -- Laurie (June 2004)

NEW IN 2004. Silver had a TPLO in 2003 and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in the area of the TPLO in 2004. Sadly, she passed away on May 31, 2004. Visit her website to learn more about the link between TPLO and osteosarcoma. Learn about other TPLO complications by visiting the Orthodog's Silver Lining site, a site created in Silver's memory.
Sadie had TPLO surgery after being diagnosed with a liver disease. At the time of surgery she was still on Prednisone for the liver disease, a combination that ultimately proved to be fatal.
Beau is 12 years old and had a successful traditional cruciate repair.
Eliot is a Bernese who had TPLO surgery in June 2000.
Mercedes is a Bernese Mountain Dog who had an unsuccessful fascial repair of a cruciate ligament. She then had a TPLO done, which was successful, followed by a TPLO on the other knee. She is well now, and living an active life with her human boys and canine brother.
Binti had a TPLO on each leg.
Dakota is a 7-year old that had bilateral TPLOs (following a failed traditional repair to one knee as a puppy).
Maxine went through TPLO surgery in August 2000, but had a fall during recovery and broke her hip.
Cole is a 3-year old recovering well from his TPLO.
Kramer is an active dog who underwent TPLO in October 2000. An apparent sub-clinical infection kept him from fully healing for more than six months, and a full year after surgery he had to be operated on again in order to clean out the infection and remove the metal plate. Although he's doing fine now, Kramer's case is a sad and unusual one that everyone contemplating the procedure should read.
Sheba experienced some pain immediately after her surgery but is feeling better now.
Finally, our dogs can receive the same level of care and opportunity for full recovery that a human receives following cruciate injury. Great physical therapy/rehab info in Maxx's story.
Sadie 2
A very active girl -- hard to keep quiet during recovery!
Breeze and Ty
Breeze tears her right cruciate and has surgery. Ty tears his right cruciate and has surgery. Breeze tears her left cruciate and has surgery. Guess what happens next? (Fortunately both dogs are doing fine now.)
Two TPLOs, four weeks apart.
Savannah had a TPLO in October 2000.
Bear had a traditional stainless wire cruciate repair at 15 months of age. He then had a second surgery since the first was not successful.
As if a TPLO weren't enough, Beto also required straightening of the femur. He had the surgery in October 2000 and is recovering very well.
Jenny's a smaller dog (for a TPLO) who had surgery in October 2000. A detailed and informative account.
Carmine had TPLO on one knee in October 2000 and on the other in March 2001. He's fully recovered and doing great!
Fenyx, a Doberman, had a TPLO following diagnosis of a medial cruciate tear.
Sarah the Great Pyrennes tore both her ACLs when she was a little over a year old. She had TPLO on each knee, five months apart. Her recovery was long, but she's doing great.
Casey had a TPLO in November 2000.
Angus had TPLO surgery in November 2000 at the age of ten months.
Java had a TPLO plus curettage for occult OCD, and is having a slow recovery.
K.C. is a 3 1/2 year old Pyrennes Livestock Guard Dog on a ranch in northern California. He lives with a flock of about 150 ewes and handles predators if they come too close to his sheep. He had a TPLO in November 2000.
Orion had TPLO surgery in December 2000 and recovered well.
Barnaby is a 120 lb. Akita/Lab cross doing great after TPLO!
Shyla had a TPLO in April 2000 and has healed well with no complications.
Cooper had TPLO surgery in March 2000 and is fully recovered!
Max is a young Newfoundland who had a TPLO in January 2001.
Indigo is a five year old blue Doberman (and former frisbee enthusiast) who underwent TPLO surgery on her right leg in February 2000 and on her left leg in January 2001.
"Mr. B" had a good start to his TPLO recovery but developed a frightening infection around the time his stitches were removed. He's doing fine now.
After two failed arthroscopic surgeries for torn ACL, Rocky is finally doing great after TPLO!
Niki is a six year old Akita who has a "clean bill of health" after her TPLO.
Mariah had a bilateral TPLO (both knees at once).
Chile is a rescued-from-abuse pitbull who had a TPLO on each knee.
Ginger developed an infection after her TPLO but is doing fine now.

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